Anyone able to watch FMV on Shin Megami Digital Devil Saga 2?
I have just tested "Shin Megami Digital Devil Saga 2" on pcsx2.0.9.6 (updated plugins and all that) and i noticed that the emu just locks on FMVs (not only the intro one...all of them). I can see the logos but when it gets to the FMV intro part it plays for 1 second (and i can hear the sound as well) and then it just stops. But i think the fmv are still running somehow because i can see the subtitles appearing. The reason i didn't post this on Bug Reporting Section is because i'm not sure if this was a know bug or something like that. I have tried betas and non betas ( with and without speed hacks, gamefixes etc, DX10 and DX9 (hardware and software), Native On/Off and alot more options) but nothing seems to work. If i press X or Start Button the game skips that fmv and continues normally (so i guess the game is still "playable").

If anyone has the same problem please let me know (maybe it's from the iso i ripped from the game i own ) or maybe FMV used to play on earlier pcsx2 releases (like pcsx2 0.9.4 Huh ). Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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