Anyone care to help me out with config.
Just wondering if anyone would mind helping me out with configuring PCSX2 for maximum output.


Video card: ati radeon HD4600 series.
CPU: T6500 @ 2.10 GHz
Ram: 4GB.

Im currently running 64 bit vista. Apart from using directx 9 instead of 10, im using default settings.

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be sure to download the latest betas.

theres not much to configure there rather than the ff:


-of course a gsdx plugin for graphics. set your internal resolution equal to your desired resolution(ex. 1400x900=1400x1400)
if the game is still slow, try checking "native"
-sound plugin can be either "SPU2-X" or "P.E.Op.S. SPU2"
there are some games that sometimes do not synch properly with either one of that plugin, so choose one.(not much to set up)
-my recomended dvd plugin will be "CDVDolio" Laugh
-choose "LilyPad svn" as your controller plugin(if you have controller that is.)
-in speedhacks, trun the EE sync hacks to either x1.5 or x2
check "Enable IOP 2x Cycle Rate" and "Idle Loop Fast-Forward"
in VU hacks, turn your "VU Cycle Stealing" to slight speedup or none, depending on the game.

hope this helps, this is my setup and run most games
Thanks for the reply/advice. After changing a few things i've noticed a speed up, but im still not at a constant 100% in both final fantasy x and kh2. This may be because im not using native res (looks to good with a higher res Laugh).

EDIT: currently downloading ff 12, x-2, god of war 1/2 and shadow of colossus to see how i go on some more "intensive" games. ( i do know that some of these are prone to crashing).
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