Anyone else notice that r1888 is faster than either 0.9.7 beta?
In Final Fantasy X, at least. Anyone else notice this?

Faster than the latest SVN revision too, for that matter.

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but less accurate.
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Was noticing the same thing for Tekken 5. Switching from microVU to superVU (legacy) got rid of the difference, though.
r1536 is probably faster than 1888 too (specially if you're just comparing default settings superVu vs microVU like ilovejedd pointed out) if even by a little but still doesn't make up for the compatibility upgrades since then, I'd rather keep getting more games working and the stability in the new gui too (thank god for software/hardware mode toggle working almost always now Tongue2)
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for FFX, it's a matter of SuperVU being faster and less compatible. As I've said before, nothing is perfect, but they're doing a hell of a job with pcsx2
Simply said: Use whatever works best for you. I test r1888 against the latest builds occasionally and find it only marginally faster anyway.
On the other hand, r1888 comes with a load of issues I'd rather forget about Wink

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