Anyone get AA working with an ATI card?
Hey all, I know there are directions for getting hardware AA working with Nvidia cards, but I was wondering if anyone had any success with doing the same thing with ATI cards. I tried using ATI Tray Tools, but I'm not sure the forced AA is doing anything- if it is, I don't really notice any effect?

Anyone have any tips? I tried the double internal resolution method but my GPU can't handle it, and I drop to about 45fps average which is unplayable to me..

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How pathetic, you must use AA only in Pcsx2 plugins! Wink

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stabwound: update to the latest PCSX2 (beta revision 1888). After doing so add the following line to the gsdx.ini file located in your ini folder...


Replace the X with what level of AA you'd like to use. That is...

0 is off
2 is 2x MSAA
4 is 4x MSAA
8 is 8x MSAA

That's currently the only way to turn it on, but be advised that it can cause memory leaks.
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Ooh, thanks! I'll try that out. Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with the development. Tongue
I actually downloaded the latest revision of gdsx and now I can run +2x internal resolution (depending on the game) and it works and looks awesome. Yay! Laugh
apparently the vertical black bars appear everytime MSAA is turned on when playing soul calibur iii.
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