Anyone has the steeds of time save file ? (God of War 2)
Hello i used a codebreaker and then made a save slot (which i only save on) without knowing that it would save the cheats now i  can't disable the cheats and i have to play the game all over again 

PLS if someone has it please give it to me  Sad Sad  Mellow

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Open the PCSX2 emulator and load the game that you saved with cheats enabled.

Press the Esc key on your keyboard to pause the game.

Click on the System menu and select Enable Cheats.

In the Enable Cheats window, you should see a list of cheats that are currently enabled for the game. To disable a cheat, simply uncheck the box next to it.

Once you have disabled all the cheats that you want to turn off, click the Close button to close the Enable Cheats window.

Press the Esc key again to resume the game.
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