Anyone know an optimal configuration for Guilty Gear X2?
I'm running the beta right now, and I was wondering if anyone knows which speedhacks are best for GGX2.

I play at 100% MOST of the time, but on certain levels (primarily Johnny's Ship and Potemkin's level) and when potemkin is onscreen in general (his sprite is enormous, I'll probably have the same issue with Justice but haven't checked).

Any tips on speeding this up?

I currently play on the beta, 1.5x cycle rate ( 1x is a 8-10 fps slowdown, 2x actually seems to slow it down as well...), and the new 3d geometry slider up one notch (not sure that matters for this game, but it's typically on).

Also, I've tried multiple speedhack configs, but they're funny. Tweaking each individually none seem to make any difference, even with them all on. Do the speedhacks do anything for this game?

Also, I've noticed that if I turn off FPS limit, my fps can go all the way to 140-160 fps at times during fights, making the game run like a bad puppet show, I've got frame limiting on now.

Are the occasional slowdowns normal? I don't pay it mind in most games, but on a fighter like this, it throws the timing way off.
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