Anyone know how to setup the guitar?
Anyone out here prolific in the emulator and know how to get a guitar to map all the buttons? I was able to setup the emulator so that it reads as a guitar. But the issue I'm having now is it's not mapping all the buttons. When I try to map all the buttons it's like it can't tell how many there actually are and when I map some it overrides others. So far I've noticed it's only putting up at least 5maps but I need it to see at least 10. If anyone is prolific in this stuff would be great to have your help in setting this up.

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It depends on your guitar, If you are choosing guitar in the gamepad options on the first screen of the controller config, it clearly shows you what you can set buttons to. The only ones missing on my setup are the directional pad and the tilt controls.

Edit >.> Sorry about my bad job on writing. mouse writing is stupid.

Edit 2: Also. if your talking about the smaller fret buttons, they are also mapped to the same key as the bigger ones, so they should still work regardless.

Also. I would recommend finding a pc copy of world tour and mod it to have all songs from every games. takes about 23 extra gigs but it's worth it. Guitar hero isn't very well emulated and probably will take a lot longer as guitar controllers aren't streamlined controllers. each one has different fret setups.

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What plugin are you using? I cannot get my guitar to map all 5 frets.

*youtube helped i got it working*
I was using a ps3 controller specific plugin from scptoolkit.
im using an xbox 360 guitar, it works fine

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