Anyone know if there are any performance gains with or reason to update to r4920?
New revision 4920 released on 9/28/11. I'm still running r4866.

Notes stated "i18n: long-awaited update. Big changes on pt_BR/sv_SE/zh_*
cmake: install also the man page"

Anyone know if there are any performance gains, or if the changes are worth updating to this revision? I honestly don't understand the update, but the "big changes on..." comment makes me wonder exactly what difference I'd see from my current version. I haven't bothered with other recent revisions, since the only major update I saw was related to the audio plugin, I think (r4911, can't remember the exact log notes).

Sorry if this is a stupid question. Blush

Also, is there a log that shows what these updates do exactly? The stuff on orphis isn't exactly detailed.
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i18n is to do with foreign languages, so no, it wont give you any speed gains ;p

If you want to see more detail, click on the revision number, itll take you to google code where it took it from.
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I just downloaded r4921 but when I start it up it's r4918. Maybe someone uploaded the wrong files?
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No that's correct. The last revision that changed something in the PCSX2 core was r4918.
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Honestly, I feel as if there's very minor performance gain from the 0.9.6 to the latest subversion, except for the MTVU. Compatibility is improved for many games however.
I feel compatibilty has increased too, for example fatal frame 3 game, before that revision with MTVU hack result ingame was more darker image with increase FPS, but with latest SVN the darker image has gone without loosing boost FPS if using MTVU hack but i need confirmation about that.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
not to mention that r4918 was made in 12/9

this coding bumb is terrifying me Unsure

maybe the coders are just questioning their selves "what should we do the project is half perfect" Laugh

this project needs a new shiny coder(s) to make it alive again Smile
Sigh, stop panicking already, abdo.
PCSX2 and plugins have had slow years Excl before. It'll pick up again once people have time.
Give shadow lady more work to do on the GameDB guys xD
(10-05-2011, 08:23 PM)rama Wrote: Sigh, stop panicking already, abdo.
PCSX2 and plugins have had slow years Excl before. It'll pick up again once people have time.

yeah remember in 2008 when Zerofrog left !

bad times Laugh


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