Anyone using XLink Kai w/ PCSX2?
hi i managed to get dev9 workng now cn connect to lan but xlink cant fnd the pcsx2. i think it to do with the network setting in pcsx2 ,xlink and in windows but i dont know the right combo .

Im asking has anyone got xlink working with pcsx2?

if ya like to know im trying to play socom 2 Smile

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I believe XLink Kai uses MAC address as part of its process so you essentially have to use your native PS2 hooked up to a router. I am a fellow Socom 2 user who does occasionally use XLink Kai to play Socom 2 and I have successfully got onto Socom 2 to play online.
i have in the past played socom 2 via xlink on my fat old ps2 but that now broke but not before getting the bios off it Tongue

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