Anyone wanna help me with my problem???
So here is the deal, I just got the emulator today and well I wanted to see if my computer will run the ps2 games so i grabed my Max Payne Ps2 game and poped it in and everything was going fine i went to CDVD clicked plugin , it said it found my game in the D:/ and I went to sytem Boot CDVD(FULL) and my window came up for Ps2 and then the a black screen with the words Playstation 2 came up like on all games then nothing, black screen, It could possible be my Specs

Cpu " Intel Pentium 4 540" Socket 775 LGA 3.20GHz bus Speed 200MHz roughfly Core Speed 2799-3199 MHz L2 Cache 1024 Kbytes

Mainboard "EliteGroup model 945GCT-M3"

Ram DDR2 2GB

NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 DirectX support 11.0/SM5.0, DDR3 2GB, BUS Width 128bit, Bandwidth 25.6GB/s , GPU Clock 810MHz

Anyother Questions just ask, and by the way sorry about all the Spelling and Grammer mistakes im really bad at that

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You're mostly limited to 2d games with a pentium 4.
(02-02-2013, 09:17 PM)captainquark Wrote: You're mostly limited to 2d games with a pentium 4.

So your saying im not gonna be able to play? and what about when I get my Core i5?
Even if you got the game running it would be very slow.
and an i5 runs most ps2 games at near full or full speed.
Try Boot CDVD (fast).

And consider making an ISO file of your game disc with ImgBurn.
Running straight from the disc can cause unnecessary lag.
Okay well thanks guys!!

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