Anything I can do to speed it up some?
Playing Shadow of the Collosus.. I've ticked off the speed hacks, and lowered the resolution and closed all background programs, I'm getting between 25-45 FPS depending on what's going on, on the screen. Just curious if there's anything else, beyond the obvious, I can do to speed it up FPS some...

I can reasonably play the game as is, but it's still a bit slow and laggy, If I could find a way to bump up the speed by 10-15 FPS It'd be perfect.

I have a
Core 2 Duo @ 2.13GHz
ATI HD4870 1 GIG (not on crossfire)

I'm using the GSdx 890 plugin for graphics, resolution set to the lowest I seem to be able to get (512x512)

So is there anything I can do to speed it up? I've done all the simple/obvious stuff and googled around a bit, but found nothing really useful.

Also, when I first went to configure the graphics plugin, I was brought to a page with lots of tick boxes to check and hex codes, but I can't seem to get back to it again, I was going to play around with it, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to find that options menu again, if you know what I'm talking about, how do I get back to it? (The only configure box I get now is very limited in what I can mess with.. that's pretty much the screen I can now work with.. I figured it might of been the graphics plugin I was using, but I tried them all, and no luck on finding that first screen)

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The config screen belongs to ZeroGS, an outdated plugin. It will be slower and more buggy, so you don't miss out Tongue2
To get a bit more speed try the vu cycle steal speedhack.
Anyway to get VU Cycle Steal without getting the r1888 beta?

I upgraded (was using the 9.6 version of PCSX2) to it, but can't play the game at all... It'll show the starting menu, and the load menu, but once the game actually starts, nearly everything is white.. You can still see HUD, but literally everything else is just solid white.. You can also hear him whistle for his horse and swing the sword... I tried several plugins, combos of configurations, but nothing worked getting the game to show everything in the beta.

Also, the VU Cycle didn't noticabley speed up anything, so trying to figure out a way to get VU Cycle as an option isn't really a priority, it just couldn't hurt (not sure if this option is exclusive to the beta or not)

Any other ideas to speed it up? It's still pretty much playable, I'd just like to figure out a way to tweak it to get better FPS, playing it now is something like getting drunk on GTA IV, the response time is just slightly off, which makes it a bit harder to play, and I'm really not looking forward to some of the last colossuses in this state. Unfortunately, my PS2 is kind of jacked up, it is afterall 5 years old Tongue2
Try to use the 1888 beta pcsx2 with your current GSdx.dll.
Tried that, still resulted in the white screen.
Okay, I was wrong, I wasn't using the same plugins that worked in the 9.6, and I went back and tried that, but if I turn on VU Cycle, I get massive graphical errors, from distorted images to missing textures...

Any ideas on how to remedy this? (I'm using the GSdx890 SSE2 plugin)
Odd. You didn't set it all the way to the right, did you? Tongue2
Nope only put it on the first setting 'Slight speedup for 3D geometry, should work with most games'

Tried countless diffrent settings of combinations, but they all lead to one conclusion, even putting it on the first setting results in missing textures/graphical distortion.

It actually works 'better' with it set all the way to the right, there's no color distortion, but missing textures are still there.... Either way, it's unplayable with VU Cycle enabled in this fashion, I mean it'll be pretty hard to jump and climb when the ledges I'm supposed to climb keep disappearing Lol..
Okay, I take that back, it just got alot worse after going through a cutscene, and I can't seem to make it go back to the 'slightly better' state by reloading or anything, just random that it worked slightly better I guess.
Alright, I cannot explain that behavior but let's move on.
Do you feel confident in overclocking your cpu? Laugh
My CPU can't be overclocked, It's an HP, believe me I've looked extensively into OC'ing a name brand PC and all of these 'work arounds' do not work...

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