Anyway to get rid of ZeroGS lighting bloom?
Only problem I have with this emulator (in terms of non-perfection) is the fact that the Graphical Plugin creates a LOT of bloom. Sometimes I find it hard to see the corners and edges of objects and characters.

Could someone please tell me how to resolve this? Thank you.

Also, I would switch to GDX, but GDX is slow as hell, thanks.

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Could you provide a picture of this "bloom"? I know a lot of ZeroGS troubles, but blooming in it happened not on edges and corners. Maybe you playing some bad-supported game?

You can see a bit of fog around Roxas, and he's a bit blurry.

Look at the THAT is shiny Cool

But, seriously, is this just KH2, or what?
Well, turn on AA 4x. And turn off all aliasing in vidocard drivers, if you use some. I see some kind of blur, but hard to say it's reason -- picture quality is to low.
The last time that I've tried this game it was working on GSdx with Logarithmic Z and Alpha Correction.And on ZeroGS is working without this problem if you run pcsx2 at 256 bit color(right click on pcsx2=>Properties=>Compatibility)
Ah, but I tried that, and then later found out that the 256 color trick doesn't work in Vista.

I'll look at AA.

[Image: snap004.jpg]

This is a better pic of it.

I turned AA up to 8x and that helped TREMENDOUSLY without affecting the FPS (Thanks a lot). I still have that blurry effect. It's almost like when you wake up in the morning or have gone a long time without sleep and you see a slight blur on everything.
When you use ZeroGS try to keep AA at least 2x, it's a great improvement for graphics. Blur... Maybe alpha test, or maybe feedback placed incorrectly (it's just happened regulary). I working on ZZogl, so you could try it too, but it known as slowest of all graphics plugins.
(04-04-2009, 07:40 PM)Typheus Wrote: I'll look at AA.
This is a better pic of it.
It seems to me like the blur texture is moved to the upper right corner (so you see bigger portion of the effect).
Have you enabled any of the advanced options. This usually happens with some advanced options enabled. Try GSdx if you don't want such glitches.
I tried GSDx, but it runs slow as hell.

FIXED IT! All I have to do is go into fullscreen, and then it's fixed. I can even exit fullscreen and the blur will still be gone.

Thanks for you help, guys, I'm glad I found out how useful 4-8X AA was. Tongue

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