Anyway to solve "vtlb miss" problem???
Hello, i`ve tested latest 1190 version of PCSX2 today.
FFX pal works fine, Tekken 5 Pal works fine.
However World Rally Championship 4 Pal(SCES_523.89) still
crashes in the beginng. With/without patch, it still does not work.
I`ve tried so many settings but no luck.
Since 0.9.6, world rally championship 4 gives "vtlb miss" problem.
It worked fine until playgroud version where it had VM built.

Is there anyway to solve "vtlb miss" problem?

My PC spec is P4 2.4Ghz, 512mb ram, XP SP3, Radeon 9600pro 128mb

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Use 0.9.4 with this game. vtlb miss errors usually nonsolvable.

p.S. I avoid this by using interpeter mode (EErec off).
Thanks Zeydlitz, i tried it with EErec off but it still gives me vtlb miss error.
Does vtlb miss mean that it causes page fault? or something like that?
Vtlb miss is try to read or write to strange memory address. Uninitialized or non mapped. vtlb are highly strict to this errors, because it use "incorrectly correct" method to achieve virtual addresses.

For example, SO3 without ADD/SUBB hack crush at vtlb at address 0x40 -- because this address was calculated improperly. So from user side you could not improve calculations. And even more, debugging does not help much: crush happened not at the time of bugged calculation.

At linux number on vtlb miss is great, for example, KH2 crush at every asteroid field. Usually turning off EErecs (and sometimes, MGTS) improve quality or help avoid this issue.
Now I understan what it means. Thank you so much for ur kind explaination.
I think i`ll have to stick to playground version only for wrc4.

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