Anyway to stop automatic folder creation in My Documents?
I would really prefer to have everything contained within
C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.0.0\

However even after changing the default folders for logs, sstates, snaps, bios and memcards PCSX2 is still creating those folders in PCSX2\My Documents. There doesn't even seem to be a way to change where the inis directory is located in the options either.

Is there anyway to stop the program from creating these folders?

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Download the PCSX2 binary package instead of the installer.

It will use the local files and folders instead of those in "My Documents".
Thanks for the swift reply, everything is as I'd like it now.
PCSX2, as well as most well-written programs, does not save its settings at the installation folder due to administrative priviledge and user privacy.

The binary package is an exception...
The binary is not any different that the installation version.
To "convert" installation version to portable,you just have to:
1.Open notepad,type RunWizard=0
2.File=>Save as=>on Save as type choose all files and save as portable.ini
3.Save\move that file into the pcsx2 folder
4.Move all of the folders from My Documents\PCSX2 to the pcsx2 directory and that's all
A slight addition to the above^, an empty portable.ini file is enough.
I said that for a reason.
If you don't add it,pcsx2 will start with the wizard and will always ask until you fishing the procedure.

Adding it and copying the inis folder will make pcsx2 work the same ways as before(except that it will use the folders from the pcsx2 folder not from my documents)without the need to reconfigure it
And there's a reason this procedure can be usefull;P ensures you didn't forgot anything. You can import existing config soo there's no "re-configure" involved, just 3 clicks on the next button;].
Well the same goes to typing RunWizard=0
This is just the method how to make installation version to work in portable mode without the need to re-configure anything.

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