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Ape Escape 2 GFX Problem.
Ok, So I've just ripped Ape Escape 2 from the PS2 disc, I was willing to play it beacause it's my Childhood game, But right when I started to play, I noticed GFX bugs all over the place.
I will post my specs, Settings and a video sample.
Please help D:
Audio Settings:
Video Settings:
GS Settings:
GS Windows Settings:
VUs Settings:
EE/IOP Settings:
Speed Hacks:
And I have no gamefixes on.
My specs:
Intel Core i7-2600k 3.40GHz (8CPUs), ~3.4GHz
4 Gigs of DDR3 Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
ATI Radeon HD 4600 (2799 MB)
Video is being a but and it's not uploading.
I'll just post a screenshot.
But it spazzes out like that everywere, It's an eyesore and very hard to play with.
If you need more info, Just tell me Laugh
Any help will be appreciated.

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Try with software mode!
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  

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Doesn't work. I've tried all of the video modes, They all cause the same glitch.
Tryng with this version of pcsx2
And use directx3D11.
Alright, I will try it later on tonight, I'll get back to you guys with feed back in about 2 hours.
Tryng with not using a speedhack in EECyclerate and in VUCyde stealing,you used in the number 2,Try not use this.

If all else fails,its recommended you convert you ps2 disk in a ISO formact file,ok.Use this program to transform your disk in iso in your hard disk-

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