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AppImage for PCSX2 distribution
I found an Application which can run Linux Binaries on all Distros. It's called "AppImage".  In Windows the dependencies are the *.dll files, Linux uses *.so. AppImage combines the Linux executable with the required .so files in one Image which should work on all modern Linux Distros.

It would be nice if the PCSX2 Developers could make an official AppImage.

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Hum, I'm afraid it would make a 1GB binary ! It would need to pack the full WX/GTK/SDL stack and various others dependencies.
AppImages are compressed and my (partial) working PCSX2-AppImage has about 15,7 MB.  You also don't need a 1GB download when installing PCSX2 with dependencies from e.g. Launchpad. The dependencies  are not that big, in this case all needed *.so files uncompressed ~24,1 MB.
It does not load the Plugins from "/usr/lib/games/PCSX2" for some reason. I already contacted "probono", the maker of AppImage - maybe he can fix this.

Proof of concept (does not load Plugins):  WARNING: It's only tested with Ubuntu 14.04.

Look at - the AppImages are not very big even when XWGtk or Qt is included.
Does it include all .so files, such as libc or only a subset ?
There is a list with .so files which should not be in the AppImage:
You can view which *.so files are needed with the command "ldd PCSX2".
All .so files for PCSX2 would be 61 files with 27,3 MB, the ones needed for the AppImage are 53 files with 24,1 MB uncompressed.
Yes I know the ldd command. But you need the so of the plugin. And the so of the library too. For example wx can depends on SDL and got a tight dependency with the libstd++.

If you want to target more than Ubuntu, it might need all the so dependency. That being said it would be better than the current binary built on my debian distribution.

It could have been useful on the past. But Ubuntu got PPA, Arch got prebuild package too. Potentially openSuse/Gentoo/Fedora too. So it could be nice but I'm afraid that I will be too lazy to do it.
I have created one based on archlinux. With all 32bits deps it have ~155MB (because AppImage is compressed). I have tested in my GentooLinux no-multilib (pure 64bits) and work very well. You have to change the plugins default path to "$HOME/.config/PCSX2/appimage_installation/usr/lib32/pcsx2/"

EDIT: I have created one to PCSX2-git too:

Have fun!

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