Application Error
This message appears whenever I configure the the Graphics in the configuration window. Now I can't configure it. What to do?

[Image: 30t4emg.png]

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That's one of the brightest pearl in MS messages arsenal, it tells absolutely nothing useful. So what you can do is telling us yourself what are the plugins you have, that message does not grant even it's the GS plugin the real guilt (although probably being).

But if the plugin is failing it's because your machine lacks what it needs (although it's the PCSX2 itself that is pointed out, what "per si" tells nothing too). That can be many things including you failing to update the DirectX.

Before anything else you should try the 0.9.7, do not let the beta status fool you, it's actually much more compatible.
And above all you need to tell us your machine specs.

PS: if the problem persist, paste the Emulog.txt content, there is a chance it caught the real issue. If all above fails you'll need to consult the Windows System Log but let's us let it for the "desperado" situation when everything else failed.
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