Apply patch persona 4
I tried using a patch for persona 4 but it suddenly gives this error:

[EE] Bus error, addr=0x5079b68c [store]

Does anyone know what this means, should I have a patch for another region for this game? I hope you can help me out.

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Most likely the patch contains some cheat that pcsx2 don't like.Also if you use the patch I give you in the other thread,when you start the game all of the patches are enabled and with so many codes enable there's 99% chance the emu will crash
So, you would suggest that I only apply only a few cheats of the patch? Well I tried but I can't get it to work, could you tell me what I need to insert in address and data or tell me where I can find the information?
Hiya, been lurking here so long, I figure it is time to try and contribute instead of just sucking up everyone else's awesomeness Tongue.

Rentam, are you using the latest beta-1474? From my testing, it seems that this beta version doesn't play nice with patch files and Persona 4. Edit: see next post for possible fix of using 1474 and patches.

If you are indeed using PCSX2 beta 1474, then you are in luck, since you can simply roll back to an earlier version of PCSX2 (I am using beta 1272 and it works fine with patches).

Hope that works for ya.

PS. if you are trying to get the S-Link patches to work, remember to write down the order with which you initiated the S-links.
Lethial, thank you very much. The patch finally works, I just started the game with beta version 1329 and saw that I have infinite gill. I hope that in the next beta version you can apply the patch too.
Glad to help. I played around a lot with the various cheats for the game, since I like to just use the cheats to tweak things a little bit and not just have max'ed everything.

Be sure to read the helpful post here about patching games. There are quite a few things that you will need to be mindful of to make cheats work, and that not all the cheats work (ie. Don't bother with cheats that starts with D, E, F in the address, they will not work and will crash the game, also, remember to change cheats that is applying to an address starting with "1" change it to "0." )

How is 1329 working? Do you get any stuttering of music on the save game menu?

Edit: UPDATE: Got the cheats to work with 1474 beta. I have mispoken before about comments in the patch causing crashes. I had missed commenting a line of patch Sad

But discovering it did motivate me to test out the patches more thoroughly. And it seems that the cause of crash are addresses that starts with "2" so just change them to start with "0" and they will work fine.

Let me know if that works for ya.
Thank you very much for your help, I didn't have any stuttering on the save game menu. It's very nice of you to check it out with the patches. Unfortunately I can't make it work. How am I suppose to change the adressess? It would be a great help if you could tell me.

For example, the infinite money cheat need the following patch:

Max/Inf Money

Change it to
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. My question is: which programme must I use to change the address? Must I use misc-> Patch browser, then add patch, and how do I put the address in? Or should I go to config-> patches, when I try to change it there it won't save. I hope you can still help me with it.
Actually, all you need to do is open the patch file (DEDC3B71.pnatch in /patch directory) with a text editor, and change the lines in there.

The patch browser is just there to let you browse the patches that you have avaible in the /patch directory and possible help you find more online (I think, I never used it much), but what "activates" the patch is actually the filename of the pnatch file. In this case, DEDC3B71, which matches the checksum of the Persona 4 USA CD. (that and you have to check "Enable Patch" option in the "Misc" menu item)

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