Applying patches?
What map do i put the patches in, for the new version of pcsx? Ohmy Can't seem to find a map where there are pnach files.

Thanks in advice!

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Those are "cheat" now, patches are reserved for game fix and another needs.

As so, the "Enable patches" should be left always active and it will apply the game fix automatically as needed.

The "Enable Cheats" need to be active too to use them, of course, but can be disabled when don't wanting it.

The pnach files are (or must be) now under the cheats folder, probably under the PCSX2 folder inside the Documents.
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Why thank you very much Smile
I have a KH2FM, and it's ppf.., i've put it in 'Cheats' But it doesn't seem to work. Any help i can get for that? Smile
Sorry but I didn't use this ever so I don't know how it works. It's just simpler to rip again your DVD making sure it is the correct length for dual layer.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Fixed it, had to implent it with another program. Thanks anyways!
Different kind of patch... people should really explain better what they want to do Tongue2
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