Ar Tonelico 2, Flickering
I'm having graphic issues with ar tonelico 2 with parts of the screen flickering.
the parts affected are the options and title on the start screen, the whole settings screen bar background and character images in game when people speak.
I've tried all setting options I could find on site for ar tonelico 2 but they haven't corrected the error.
Other then the flickering, everything is fine even the frame rate.

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plugin settings? pcsx2 version? possibly a screenie?
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Feel like a bit of an idiot for forgetting this stuff, and also video at start up is affected too but that running a little fast so it may be unrelated.

Pcsx2: 0.9.8 r4800

Gs pluging: gsdx ssse3
Renderer direct3d9(hardware)
Interlacing none (anything else makes it worse)
Native resolution
hardware mode settings has these options ticked
logarithmic Z
allow 8 bit textures
Alpha correction

EE/IOP defaults same with VUs
base framerate adjust 100%
slow motion adjust 80%
turbo adjust 200%

frame skipping turbo only (not using)

Speed hacks none

And how do you show flickering on a screen shot? That is impossible and I lack capability to make videos as far as I'm aware.

The flicking on menu screens isn't too bad but some times the information disappears completely it is character images that are the worse.

Flickering though present seems to have settled to a playable non eye hurting level by it's self though.

Since this post the flickering stopped completely looks like its related to number of objects on screen visible and not..
Thanks for the info Smile

It depends how its flickering really, if its whole screen flashing or textures flickeriing on and off or if it flickers to corrupted stuff, it all helps Tongue

I guess next time it happens, you could press F9 and see if it goes away (this puts you in software mode), just something worth trying.
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