Ar Tonelico I issue
Not sure if this is the right place, but I don't think that it belongs in the Bug Report section either.

Maybe this is just me being stupid, but I downloaded the game from here: <Removed> (if I'm not allowed to post the link, just let me know)

The problem is that the game (I presume, anyway. I'm new to PS2 emulating) is in the format of 'SLUS_214.45', which doesn't appear to be compatible with Pcsx2. And when I click the option to run the CD, it says that the 'bios/' could not be found.

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... you can forget about the support Dx
no piracy in here, and since you have already admited that you downloaded it nobody will be willing to help you and in the worst case scenario the mods will close all threads that you make
and that error is because you dont have a BIOS avaible
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Closed and warned for piracy. Link removed.

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