Ar Tonelico2 lockup
Since I've noticed that the thread was in the 0.9.4 section:

There's this problem with Ar Tonelico2 - in which once you finish the phase 5 the game pretty much freezes in the loading screen and won't proceed. Emulator and everything else still working fine, however the game just freezes at the loading screen.

The image I'm using is a backup copy of the US release, I've also tried applying a patch for the iso and then running it, both encounters the same problem.

I've tried using the latest 0.9.4 , 0.9.5 and PG builds but the end results are still the same Sad

the old thread can be found at
Tried all the suggestions in there too.

I can provide a savestate for that point if it's needed. Devs halp please

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Are you using savestates or memory card saves?
This seems to be a glitch in the actual game that occurs randomly (I have a friend who experienced it on a real PS2), but usually reloading from a memory card save will get you past it. Of course, this means you need to use a recent VLTB SVN build of playground since saving in Gust games didn't work properly until build 636.
And if your game is stuck in a savestate from an earlier VM build... well, you're out of luck Wacko There's savefiles uploaded on GameFAQs that will get you back near where you were, though.

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