[Ar tonelico]Line glitches in character's portrait...
Using Pcsx2 1.1.0 r5726 with fullscreen

Basically its the same old problem as this old thread of mine(mana khemia2) >>http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Some-portrait-line-glitch-when-playing-Mana-Khemia-2-full-screen

Except that this time in Ar tonelico..setting the resolution to native doesn't make it go away. Using the custom resolution also breaks the graphic and FMV even more. Any way to fix this ?

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I was unable to find a suitable workaround for it when I played it a little while ago. I THOUGH native res fixed this issue but native res and I do not get along so I just dealt with the issue. The compat page is here:

I would be most interested if someone knows how to fix this as well Smile
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This is caused by texture filtering when using GSdx hardware mode. Use either software mode or disable texture filtering. It's also lessened somewhat by using the offset hacks within GSdx.
Thanks ! Although disabling the texture filtering doesn't work,toggling to software mode does the trick !

So far it doesn't seem to raise any new issue in combat or map walking either. Time for some fun Smile

Thank you again for your suggestion Smile
Hmm I notice there's a severe slowdown in first A.B.R. fight when he use missile attacks..not sure if this is due to vsync or software mode though..
Just play it in software mode. They really is no difference in graphic quality between software and 4x native res anyways in this game.
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Well I'm playing it in software mode and everything's all good except for when the (sound) effect of huge attack like missiles or fully Charged-up Song hitting enemies. Everything(sound and graphic) seem to lag and stutter for a while until it passed.

Similar thing happen to the similar sound in diving part of the game too..
Doesn't wildarmsoffset hack at half/colored in GSdx hardware deals with exactly this problem?:3

If not then remember about extra rendering threads in software;p, it it's a minor lag extra threads will almost certainly help depending what cpu do you have. Sound can also be set to asyncMix in SPU2-X config which might deal better with ocassional lags, through not remember if it was safe for this game.;c
I had wildarmoffset hack at half when the issue is detected.

Conversely,trying older version of pcsx2 that I used to finish Mana Khemia 2 and there doesn't seem to be this problem. Guess it depends on the version although I don't know what it is that upset the game in newer revision.
In the older version it worked without a hack or with that hack which now doesn't fix it? If it's the second case the hack probably will have to be changed, unless ofc "improving portraits in AT" from it's description wasn't about fixing them completely and it works only on some portraits;x, cannot find my copy of AT anywhere to check it, Rama or KrossX could have a look at it if they see this thread since all of those offset hacks are their babies;3.

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