Ar tonelico constantly loading issue
I noticed that Ar tonelico 1 seems have these "loading lag" when played on my ps2. I am noticing that this problem is also occuring in pcsx2. From what I have heard, this seems to be a programing problem with the game itself.

I am wondering are there any methods to fix this problem using various settings on pcsx2?

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On my PS2 I had problems with this game(it was almost impossible to play it on my PS2)but after I open my PS2 and clean and adjust the laser,I don't have any problems with this game anymore.

Actually I clear this game using PCSX2 not my PS2.Try making an ISO of the disk and try again.
ar tonelico is playable to completion on pcsx2, i've also completed it on pcsx2 so do what vsub says, make an iso
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