Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits (codebreaker problem)!?
[Image: 0x4B716E84.PNG]
Romantic Stone 0AD124FE 00000063
Clivis's Book 0ADF24FE 00000063
Skeleton Sticker 0AA924FE 00000063
Dynamo 0AAA24FE 00000063
King Statuette 0ADC24FE 00000063

these codes don't work whenever i'm in darc's story. but are fine for human's. was this intentional?? also the crc of my cb is 0x4B716E84. is there something wrong with it cause the values on the codes from bsfree were off by one digit. instead of 0AD124FE the "D" location is always 1 less on bsfree. which works but gives the wrong equip... one more thing. the crc of my game is correct/same "E7B6CFA2" as the 1 listed in the wiki.

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