[ArchLinux] Small and reversed render in window
Hello guys,

I decided to install pcsx2 on my arch linux recenlty, and lots of things seem to be fine.

However, I have a slight problem with the render.

Image here

As you can see, the render is reversed, and small in the corner.

I use GSdx, with OpenGL (software) as renderer.

Does someone had the same problem ?

Thank you in advance !

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Try to disable separate shader object extension in the advance panel of GSdx
Huh... what can I say... you're a genius !

Yes, now it works perfectly... never seen a such fast forum for answering... I post a thread, and like 10 seconds after, you come up with the answer...

Congratulations man !

Thank you again !
Well the best would be to fix the open source driver but I didn't have any free time recently (I'm the one that provide the initial implementation of this extension on Mesa, not a success Wink).

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