Are YOu really a God of War Fan?
Hi, this is strictly for GOW fans.
i've been playing GOW 2 for sometime now but i've not been able to finish a particular stage. Here it is:

After Kratos frees Promethius (making him burn in the fires of olympus), there was an image on the screen which looks like a red-helmet.
1. What does this mean?
2. How am i(Kratos) going to open the door as shown on the screen shot?
I have attached this screen shot so that you can understand and help me better.

Plz can anyone help! If u would help by showing me ur gameplay in a short video format or maybe youtube (with link), so i can watch how its been played. Thanks [attachment=30801]

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You need to use rage: press L3 and R3 (both joysticks) and start attacking the wall. That's it.
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