Poll: Do you find that you have to disable the MTGS option.. like.. ever?
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Are there known problems or bug reports specific to MTGS?
If you have known bugs with MTGS, please report them here. A bug with MTGS would mean that the game in question does not work in MTGS mode but works correctly with MTGS disabled (also known as STGS).

I ask because I'm strongly considering removing STGS. The basic jist is this:

* Games run faster with MTGS enabled, even on single core machines. I tested this on both my Quad set to CPU Affinity 1, and a P4 laptop, and I had some other folks run tests on AMds. All of them got 2-4% speedup from having MTGS enabled.

* MTGS appears to be 100% stable, and more importantly, there's no reason it shouldn't be 100% stable. Meaning that I'd rather just fix MTGS bugs and have it stable, than have a clause that says "eh, might crash maybe sometimes in rare moon phases, so check this checkbox is some weird stuff happens." [for example, random crashing that plagued SMT:Nocturne and DDS for so long were definitively fixed a couple months ago].

* Removal of STGS will streamline all areas of the code that interface with the GS (about 8-12 spots), meaning faster execution of GS transfers, and easier to maintain codebase.

* We can have a flat guarantee to GS plugin authors of the thread condition of their plugin. The current "maybe/maybe not?" system is a little wonky and is almost certainly responsible for those couple of odd-end-cases where someone's system can't run Pcsx2 in MTGS mode at all because it hard locks their Windows Kernel or Video Drivers. [only 2 known reports that I'm aware of]

* On that same note: the entire GS plugin initialization procedure gets reduced to like half or a third the amount of code it is now, and is reduced from some complicated double-throw logic puzzle to a neat and simple init procedure.

* I'll still allot for a debug/devel version of MTGS which would enforce strict synchronization [ie, no asynchronous execution -- EE sends GS commands and then waits for GS completion]. It would be slower than the current STGS but technically more reliable as a regression test or control base for finding MTGS bugs, since it guarantees that the same code is executed.

But before I do this, I need to know if there are any outstanding issues any of our users (you guys!) have, such that you actually have to uncheck the MTGS box.
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I think out of the 20 or som games I've tried I only had to disabl it once, but I don't recall the game and it's been nearly 600 revisions since I last tested it
well i haven't had any problems with both almost all the games that i use with MTGS on (i say almost cause i haven't tested them all Tongue)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
I never played a game with MTGS disabled. All of my games either works flawlessly or don't work because of other known bugs.
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I suppose the world map problem on Mana Khemia is not MTGS so i don't remenber any problem with MTGS.
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I found one thing that require single-threaded mode: on interpreter mode in MGTS graphic's became weird. But on single-threaded mode it's look nice. And on KH2 there is place where I should use SGTS + Interpreter (Linux specific issue). Asteroid field.
I am fine with it Wink
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(05-12-2009, 03:29 PM)Nokiaman Wrote: I am fine with it Wink

then why did you say yes? Blink
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Dunno about MTGS, but Puyo Pop Fever becomes all corrupted with MTGS _disabled_ Smile)
Why not just create a "MTGS-only" compiler flag to strip out all the STGS code so that we can test it?

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