Are they working on existing issues?
Are the PCSX2 devs working on smaller issues (Jak and Daxter - weird eyes, Ico - lighting artifacts, ghosting etc) or are they mainly working to improve compatibility for games that don't run at all?

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those issues you're describing are already solved by pcsx2 team, since it runs in software mode.
The project's main goals are compatibility & accuracy

those "errors" you mentioned are actually gsdx-wise
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A mix of both is the best answer. The best timming for each is another question. When there is a bug and they have enough info what causes it I bet they are going to concentrate on fixing it. If there is something innovative or something useful like a member suggesting something cool to make the emulator more compatible/fast/better viewing then they concentrate to this.
I guess this is how all emulators work. My only fear is that it will reach a point that in order to make the emulator more compatible or faster or whatever it will require some major rewrite in the source code which I doubt anybody would go that route which is a bit sad but fair.
Some of the issues are known and require total rewrites, but no one wants to do that fun job, so you get workarounds and crc hacks. Still its definitely always improving. 5 years ago burnout 3 didn't even boot, when they did get it working it looked like ***** in hw mode, but now it plays just fine, so yeah its always improving. Although it must be added that some post processing was deactivated which made some games look better at the cost of some subtle effects
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