Armored Core Last Raven & GSDX
Any way to run it using GSDX? Every time I try, it crashes right before Agetec logo (or, if loadstated from the menu, it crashes before loading screen), although fortunately it works using ZeroGS but the graphic's totally screwed up.

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What version of Pcsx2 are you using? Get the Beta1888+pluggins here
Read the forum on Bug Reporting as it will help us answer your question`s
Msi GF-62VR
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Basically I've tried almost every version from 0.9.5.

And the result: The same.
LOL. Latest version = more updated = fixed bugs = playable (for most games)
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The good: the latest version still able to run it about 30-40 FPS or ZeroGS.
so i try to run it with pcsx and latest gsdx 3161, set UserHacks_SkipDraw=1, use dx10/dx11 hardware mode... the game works fine on menu screen and garage screen 60fps all time but the screen goes black when i enter mission , arena or test my ac (i can hear the sound when i move the analog, its just the screen that goes black) although it works fine when i use dx10/dx11 software mode (40 fps)
I'm getting the same problems ... well similar.

when I started out (fresh install of pcsx2 + plugins this morning) AC:LR would run but was hyper laggy in the menus and kinda laggy in game (until someone started talking, then it lagged). I fiddled with it a little bit before deciding that it wasn't going to work and moved on to fine tuning with Odin Sphere. took me 4 hours and the realization that most of my lag was due to avast before I got things running pretty good, then went back to AC:LR for ***** and giggles.


just like what was said before the emu would load until the age tech badge should pop up before dieing. I fiddled with everything I could to get things back to default when the game lagged in menu. it ended up being that the game didn't like me having the "original PS2 rez" option on, after that the game loads just fine, the menu runs silky smooth but I get no video output when I try to get to the real game play. can hear combat SFX and my core walking around so the emu IS working and trying to run the game but the video signal is getting lost somewhere.

as I said: I did my best to get things back to where they started at this morning, so I could trouble shoot what was causing the issues, but I cant seem to find what setting I'm missing. everything looks like its back to default ....

system specs:

phenom II x2 555 tapped up to 3.5g
2g ram (one stick)
hd4850 1gb
win XP 32 bit

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