Armored Core Last Raven crash/blank screen with sound
hii, 1st time post n i need a little help here.
im pretty well new using these PCSX2. there alot of plugin, setting etc but i manage to solve it all by myself. but this problem *as stated above* getting on my nerve.
running FFXII, Armored Core Nine Breaker, harvest moon, .hack//G.U using same exact settings without any crash n quiet smooth.
already tried 2 version of PCSX2, 1.0.0 (r5350) n (5496), change few/lower setting but no luck,
same result, crash at loading if u pickup mission or running an ac test. by luck i'll get sound with no display.
mount iso still doesnt fix the problem.

here my pc specs

(r5350) + gs plugin + speedhack setting

(5496) + gs plugin + speedhack setting

sorry bad english

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In short, it works correctly in software mode only.
owh thanks n i'll test it now. btw, 1 last question. extra rendering threads option should i leave it as it should be? any recommendation?
sweet! its run perfectly and pixelated. even in window mode. fix? thanks again.
Tongue Software mode runs only in native res, if you didn't used it yet FXAA can smooth it a bit(Page UP key toggles it), but it'll mostly exchange pixelation to blurriness ~ your choice there's also a thread with custom shaders which replace FXAA but they all work similar, mostly giving even worse effects doesn't matter how many "HQ" or "HD" they have in name;p(edit: here's the link if you dare to try). Eventually you could connect it to old CRT display and it should give you original ps2 feeling, unfortunately not much else to do.

About rendering threads with 6 core/12 thread cpu higher value would surely result in a speedup, but if you don't have any slowdowns it would be just a waste of energy.

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