ArtMoney and pcsx2 after r4796
This probably is a problem for other programs too that give you a windows list not processes list when you choose on which program/game to make cheats

For some reason since r4796 if the console is enabled,the gui window will disappear from the list and instead of it,the console window name will be there and if you try to make cheats using the console,you wont find anything because the base address is changed(on ArtMoney you can set the base address so you can find the cheat you are searching for more easily).

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r4796 was reverted on r4818.
Maybe something was changed again or there is another problem(I don't use images often(just put the disk in the drive select the drive from Gigahertz and do some tests or create some cheats to use them on my PS2)and maybe that's why I didn't notest this before)

When I use Linuzappz ISO,when I use System=>Fast/Full Boot the game window appear in front and the browse windows(to select the image)behind it.

It's a problem if the game windows is big enough to cover the browse window(big enough or maximized)or start pcsx2 in full screen(Default to fullscreen mode on open)

PS.I don't know if the problem is just here.
I don't think there had been changes in this area. Can you please compare to r4600 and report back the result?

Tested on r4918,4827,4786 and r4600 but I have the same problem.
It's ok if I choose CDVD=>ISO

ISO - Only the browse window appear(the ISO Selector list is empty)and when I select the image,then the game window appear
Plugin - First the game window appear and then the browse window behind it
I'm not quite able to understand the problem.
Could you please state:
1. The steps you take.
2. What happens as a result?
3. What you expect instead (and why?)
4. At what revision it was last OK (if at all).

Ok I find the problem and it's not pcsx2,sorry about the false alarm

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