Assigning frameskip feature on controller button?
So this thread was posted a few years ago:

And one of the comments (by radm0bile) says that it is possible to assign the frameskip button (F4) on a joystick. When I follow his instructions, however, I can't seem to find a way to assign the feature. Like so:

image link

Am I missing something here? Or has there been a change in features ever since the thread was originally posted?

Thank you!

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He is talking about a option in the LilyPad controller plugin,not in Pokopon and also that option is not for frame skipping but to switch between Normal and Turbo fps limit(turbo by default is limiting the speed to two times the normal speed)

Also I have no idea if the option works anymore
I was using Autohotkey to do something like that,when I hold a button to to switch to certain turbo speed(in my case I used 300%)
Thank you for your reply. I've just downloaded an older version of the emulator (1.2.1) and I can now edit LilyPad settings.

According to this older thread (reply #3), I can use Lilypad settings to format a button as Tab so I can trigger Turbo:

That's what I am now trying to do (see screenshot below):

However, each time I press R3 on my controller, it won't seem to recognize itself as Tab because the Turbo mode is not activated.
Oops, never mind. I just reverted to the newest version, changed the controller to Lilypad, and checked the box next to L3 Toggles Turbo. Now it works. I won't have to stand from my couch each time to press Tab on my keyboard.

Thank you. Smile

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