Assistance Please
So trying to start up the emulator. Im at the point where you start it and mess with your memory cards.

"* Step 8: Setting Up Memory Cards
1) Run PCSX2.exe and goto Config/Memcards
2) Make sure that Memory Card 1 is set to the file Mcd001.ps2 and Memory Card 2 is set to file Mcd002.ps2 are set (this is done by default, so you don't have to do anything)

*We now need to format the Memory Cards, just like with the real PS2!*

3) Go back to the plugins config menu and set your CD Plugin to "CDVDnull Driver 0.6.0" (you don't need to configure anything)
4) Now goto File/ Run CD/DVD"

Step four is where it is failing for me. Two images:

Now after some digging around I saw that my system fill did not have an extension on it, even after showing extensions from the folder options. It was merely labeled "system". I tried to give it an extension to no avail.

As for where it stops every time, I start up the program following your instructions precisely and it starts up as if I am playing the playstation and stops before I get to any choice.

My system BIOS:

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB
Windows XP
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz ( 4 CPUs).

If there is any additional information I should provide just ask. Thanks.

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Weird i never had to format my memory cards it just worked fine
update your directx to march 2009 version.
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Uh you've done something very wrong.
1)Check if you have the latest directx (run the dx web updater google it)
2)Copying all the files from a dvd game to your disc will only give you a bunch of pretty much useless files. To make a proper image of a dvd disc,you need to use a program like imgburn or alcohol to do the work properly
3)Try using run->execute. If you still get the crash,set gsdx to software renderer and try again
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