Atelier Iris 1 Missing Text

I'm currently running PCSX2 on my Mac which is running Mavericks.

I am trying to play Atelier Iris : Eternal Mana which works fine. I do get the segmentation error but I manage to bypass it by turning off EErec, running the game and then turning it back on again once the game is up and running. However, after turning it back on, all the texts disappears, namely menu texts, dialogue texts (though the name still shows up) and battle menu texts.

Does anyone know how to fix it? Many thanks in advance!!!


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Segmentation fault normally describes a bad iso. Try to redo the iso.
Nope, doesn't change anything. The games runs, it just doesn't show any texts.
Unfortunately there is not much one (I) can do... the versions for mac are not very mature and I am lacking a lot of understanding for those. That segmentation fault points to a bad iso is generally accepted. It could be that your disk is broken if you still get segmentation faults.

You can give pcsx2-ce a try if you were using the 0.9.7 version so far. pcsx2-ce is based on v 1.0. If that doesn't solve your problem you either need to install a second boot partition using linux or windows or play on your ps2.

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