Atelier Iris 3 glitch
hey having a current problem using the siren mana sprite, when the battle reaches nell it just crashes. useing pcsx2 0.9.6, Im not using any speed hacks or game fixes, and the video is set to GSDX10 hardware native and everything else unchecked.    

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Pc specs, pcsx2 settings?
okay pc specs : Vista 32bit ; 4gig ram, cpu e8400 3ghz ; nvidia gts 250
pcsx2 : GsDX 0.1.15,SPu2-x 1.1.0,lillypad 0.9.9,linuz iso cddvd 0.8.0
GsDx; dx10 hardware, native are the only things ticked.
CPU; everythings ticked; force limit to limit frame rate.
no speed hacks or game fixes. i think that covers everything.
Are you running it from ISO or disc? if ISO try remaking it or running the game from disc.

Try the latest beta maybe it'll work there.
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tried the latest beta which did fix some minor gaphical issues however both
versions still crash on that point. Also tried the running the dvd to no avil.

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