Atelier Iris, Small Problems
Looking around from the other topics, I've fixed the black outlines surrounding objects, the black squares surrounding characters, the lines during FMVs. But this leaves some remaining problems. Luckily, they're minor.

One problem is the slight lag whenever I jump or do an action. Another is how all the graphics seem to fuzz in/out(for a lack of better words) when I stop moving. And the other problem is stuff like the tutorial screens having the picture halfed on one side.

Now, I haven't gotten that far, so these are the only problems I've encountered now. So, can anyone help me or give me an answer for these problems?

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All these issues are already fixed on the PCSX2 SVN, so if you want you can compile a build on your own:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I have no idea what you meant by what you said.
He said those issues you described are already fixed in latest pcsx2 versions. Unfortunately you can only get those versions now by compiling them yourself from google code or waiting for the next official pcsx2 release.
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