Atelier iris Eternal mana
Could anyone post a working config for atelier mana 3 Grand phantasm ? am tring to fix it, been tring both playground and normal. Am getting alot of blocky backgrounds Wacko and it says its playable in the compatibility list

Btw is there a fix for the strechy videos ? i get these cuts in the pic.. :/''

Using latest version btw.

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0.9.6 release works with the game perfectly. Blocky backgrounds are probably due to you using texture filtering with GSdx,disable it.
The only bug the game has (and all atelier iris series) is the halved screen issue in menus and other places for which you can do nothing about
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thankyou for your verry quick reply !Blink

but unluckely that didnt solv my problem Wacko dont know why its still around

any more ideas ?Wacko

altho it did solve some minor issues ingame

there still are some of these -> [Image:]

and that first pic issue to. and yepp im just using normal
Check native in GSdx configuration
[Image: newsig.jpg]
as this is a declared bug of the emulator do you know if
futire beta can resove it ????
it now works perf ! ^^ thankyou Bositman !

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