Atlus games setting's HOWTO
I play a lot of ATLUS games and have notes that they have many similarities with each other. So I wish to provide some info about how to set PCSX2 to have a better impressions and fun with them.

I use E8400 at 3 HHz and HD4870.

ATLUS developed

1) Maken Shao: Demon Sword (2001) -- ingame with GSDX 0.1.14. Don't check it, but kill first to enemies.

2) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (2004) AKA Lucifer Call -- playable from rev 377 to rev 575.
Known issue about 0.9.4 was reported recently, so you should use beta versions.
Also this game have a multi-threaded freeze problem, so don't use multi-threaded mode. Playground form rev. 377 fixed this issue.
Latest playground versions provide nice sound, ZeroGS have a several graphic's issues. Don't use FPU clamp hack with this game -- it break movement.

3) Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (2005) -- playable on latest playground. 100% completed.
At 0.9.4 it was crushed to often.
If you use SPUnull or ZeroSPU mute mode you would have FMW's trouble and could not finish it.
GSDX picture sometimes weird, ZeroGS have only transparent problem, but when there is lot of lights it's weird to, so it's you to decide.
Also does not use multi-threaded mode -- or freeze frequent. Playground rev 377 fixed this issue.

4) Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 (2005) -- 100% playable on playground.
The same as the previous. Save from finished DDS1 could be imported.

5) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (2006) -- playable, but crush at the start of chapter 9.
Maybe you could avoid this crush if you unsummon demon prior chapter 8 boss.
This game have very nice picture with ZeroGS. For full speed GSDX should use native resolution, GSDX -- without AA.
If you could not made a correct save, try to made a new empty memcard and format it prior playing game.

6) Persona 3 (2007) -- 100% playable with 0.9.4
Also ZeroGS give almost perfect picture, but GSDX have missing textures (hair pieces missing e.t.c.). Fullspeed achieved on pp versions with roundmodes chop/zero, Flush to Zero and Denormals is Zero.
Playground versions before rev. 104 should use FPU clamp hack on, but latest revisions should OFF "Disable Extra FPU flags", otherwise there is minor graphic's issue on communication.
Playground from around rev. 426 fixed impossibility to select card to discard in double shuffle.
Savegames is possible. But you should try to save game on empty slot 3 times. And you should ignore memcard not found messages. Do not forget to format memorycard before first usage PP rev. 636 fixed this issue.

7) Persona 3 FES (2008) -- 100% playable with pp, don't know about 0.9.4
The same as the previous.

8) Persona 4 (2008) -- 100% playable on pp. Several issues was reported. The important one is to use chop/zero roundmode for EErec (in Config->Advanced). On Linux use only MGTS mode on.

ATLUS published games.

9) Eternal Poison November 11, 2008
Unplayable yet. I could obtain some picture on linux single-threaded ZeroGS OGL system, but game is look unplayable.

10) Baroque -- playble with pp rev. 394.
Some peoples say, that it was crushed on official 0.9.4, but i don't try it. On playground this game is playable and look fine. Use GSDX, with ZeroGS there is fonts trouble with savestates. For better play use Positive EE roundings

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I'm currently playing Devil Summoner (as you probably know, because you commented in my threadSmile) and just to let you know I have no problems with saving games (I'm using playground 393), and loading them. Also I didn't encountered any missing textures (using gsdx 1.12) although I'm at the end of episode 1, I don't know if there will be problems of that kind in some other areas of the game.
Thanks. I found a way to made a save, all I need was to create a empty formated memcard. Maybe some p3/p3fes interference.

About textures, you right. I have a very bad performance even with native resolution on GSDX :-(.
Yeah, it's probably interference from p3 because I have a lot of stuff on the memcard, FF-X, MK Armageddon WWE 2009 and god knows what else and it works fine. The performance on my PC (e4500 @ 2.9GHz) is fine, it drops to 45FPS on crowded areas but it's bearable, in fights it's always 60FPS.
I just wanted to thank you for this useful post, there are great games here, thanksSmile
I'm just starting some... will let you know if I have problems
"the important one is to use chop/zero roundmode for EErec"

regarding Persona 4, does this increase speed or does it just fix the hanging? My suspicion is it doesn't really boost your fps
3.0ghz E8400 Dual Core Processor
4 Gigs Corsair DDR2 RAM
(2x)8800GT SLI (dual cards)
this is for P3 fes

i just started, and i'm at the first save point and i cant save
i'm using save state from the previous build to access the save point
i've formatted the card from the emu settings

it just hangs on saving

also, what does pp mean?
pp is playground. It's possible that you found a new bug -- as I know there was no hangs around save game.
I've also mentionedthis in another thread, but since this seems more specific to my problem: The problem you mention with GSDX missing textures in persona 3; I get that no matter what plugin I use, I've tried all of the defaults, including ZeroGS and they all have missing textures. Also, this is with the latest playground version, on persona 3 fes, not just persona 3. Can anyone help? (I also tried 0.9.4, and tried all of the plugins that came with that, but still get the exact same problem. I'll try and upload a screenshot if I get the chance.) For all I know this is problem with pcsx2/my computer, and not an Atlus specific problem. But I can't be sure without asking Smile
Update a little.

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