Attempting to use Steam Home Streaming with PCSX2

I'm trying to use a Steam Link to play PS2 games on my TV with a Steam Controller . I'm running PCSX2 on my PC, that runs Ubuntu 16.10. The way this setup works is that the controller emulates either a mouse and a keyboard or controller. I can start PCSX2 successfully, and then the controller still emulates a mouse and keyboard. When I then start a game, the controller successfully switches to controller mode - but by then PCSX2 wouldn't detect it. I assume it is as if I would connect a game controller while PCSX2 is running.

Is there a way to get around it, or possibly a way to fix it?

More information - I can set the Steam controller to controller mode manually, and then I can configure the controls and play. It is only the dynamic switching that Steam does that makes it not work.

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I don't have much experience with Steam Link and all that jazz. Did you try to bind the Steam controller in PCSX2 with the PAD plugin in the settings menu? That would be your first step. Smile
AFAIK I have the OnePad plugin (I'm using the PCSX2 Ubuntu repository). If I manually set the Steam controller to gamepad mode, I can bind it normally and play it normally. But with Steam Link, I think the controller switches to gamepad mode while PCSX2 is already running, and it makes it somehow so that the plugin doesn't recognize the gamepad. When this happens, jstest-gtk registers the controller movements but the gamepad plugin only recognizes mouse and keyboard (as I see under "Joystick to use for this pad:").
Detection of pad is done at the init. We don't support (yet) dynamic detection. I think there is an issue on github.
That's right, I've found it:

I was hoping very much to be able to use Steam Link + Steam Controller with PCSX2, it'd be very similar to having a console. I'd be very happy for a fix to this issue.

Also I'd like to thank you for the amazing work you've been doing on PCSX2 for Linux, it's a joy to use.
Google search finds forum posts advising to use a plugin named Pokopom instead. Would that work? Is this recommended?
Pokopom isn't really supported anymore IIRC.
Ideal solution would be to improve onepad. But I have only 2 arms and it can be tricky to implement.
Understood. If you do though you'll have my eternal thanks.

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