Audio Lag Problem. Please Help
Ok so i finally got pcsx2 working on my 27" imac
specs are: 2.8GHz core i-5, 8gb DDR3 ram, ATI Radeon HD 5750

I got the extra audio plugin (ZeroSPU2) and managed to get it working.
The other two didn't work at all or were very stuttery. Im trying to play road trip adventure. Trouble is the audio has a 1 or 2 second lag. I have "Time Scaling" and "Real Time mode" enabled. Im getting around 60 fps which is fine for me. However the audio is very annoying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for letting me know. I don't have this game available so can you please confirm if you have the same issue in other games(ffx, ffxii, any other jrpg?).

The issue has been logged as
Can you check it's still there on new release?
it is still on the new release, ive tried Kingdom hearts and before it crashs and makes me terribly angry the sound lags a lot. im playing Kingdom Hearts 2 right now because it works on the emu and the sound also lags a ton
hm, that seems to be a sound pluging problem then, porting spu2-x is on my todo list but there's no eta yet

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