Audio Slow Down During Saving/Special Events.
I am encountering an audio slow down problem when I am either saving a game or during a special event during the game (loading of cut-scene). The slow down stays for about 3 seconds then goes away, but is annoying.

The game it is happening on is Persona 4. I should note that I am not encountering any FPS drop when the audio slow down occurs either I am stuck at a constant 60 FPS.

Here are my specs:
I5 2500K @ 4.2Ghz
MSI 6970 Lightning
8 GB Ram @ 1887 Mhz
I am also running the game of a DVD

I should also note the settings I am running are the maximum quality settings from:

with the resolution set at X6 Native and AA is set at X16.

If any one has any suggestions or has ran into this problem and knows how to fix it any help would be appreciated.

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Just for a test,try running at native resolution and without see if the same thing is happening again.
Also,are you playing from image or the disk
The problem is that guide Tongue2
Don't set SPU2-X latency to 50ms, try 120ms or so.
Also undo the clamp settings, as they're usually right at default and can break things if changed.
Hmm yes...I didn't even look at the guide but setting the latency to 50ms can give you such results
The games should run faster when on your computer, as my friend has done with his laptop. Check the Speedhacks. the first one should be lowered down if there's audio troubles, as the higher it is for me, the worse the audio is.

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