Audio Switching Error: sceHSyn_VoisTrans Error
Hello, I'm new to the forums (but read the rules).

Today, I was playing .hack//Quarantine (love the game to death) and noticed a bug with the emulator when you quickly switch audio.
[Image: ed46879167.jpg]

I looked up the error I found in the logs (after retesting the bug and qq'ing over lost save data) and apparently, no one else has discussed this really (Google has only 2 results, both are purely log files)

I watched the logs to make sure sceHSyn_VoisTrans Error was the specific error that caused the game to freeze. The game doesn't necessarily freeze, all graphics continue rendering as normal with animation and what not, the audio doesn't play at all as it appears to be waiting for the loaded file to be returned (maybe a thread just yielding). User Input becomes unresponsive so you just kind of sit there.

Basically, each time you choose a new song you want to listen to:

command2: 0x110
command2: 0x20
file search OK!
ofslsn  = 869959
ofslsn  = 869968
BD SIZE = 90ea0
SQ DATA Trans Finish...

The above is the normal logs.

However, when quickly shifting through audio:

command2: 0x110
command2: 0x20
file search OK!
ofslsn  = 875062
ofslsn  = 875068
sceHSyn_VoisTrans Error

Is the response you get instead, causing the game to infinitely wait.

I can completely manage playing the game normally, this isn't a game breaking bug or what not, just thought I'd post this here in case some other games are broken due to this (and hopefully to get some insight as to some technically stuff because it's really exciting to learn this stuff).

If you need the full logs, here are the logs from retesting the bug:

Thank you for reading this.

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It would be better if you could make a bug report for this issue. meanwhile, please provide a screenshot of your audio plugin settings.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
- Refraction
Enable "Enable fast CDVD" from the speed hacks to fix this.
I tried few times by using rapid fire on the X button and pressing really fast the down key but the game didn't freeze(it did without that option enabled )
I see, thank you.
Tested and it's a valid fix, gonna test some other things though.

@ssakash: I'll work on posting this.

[Image: cd957a9eac.png]
Screenshot of Audio settings; however, this may or may not be helpful for you in this post so I'll work on posting all settings in a bug report.

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