Audio Sync Question
Ok before I start, I'm having a massive chain reaction of brain farts today so if I end up sounded really out there sorry.

I've got a game (Phantasy Star Universe) that when a cut scene happens the audio goes out of sync from the cut scene. I'm not sure what would keep them synced anymore so if a quick bit of help on this would be nice.

I've searched for PSU issues that might relate to this but I got none, If someone can let me know what's my issue that would be fine or better yet just tell me what works with video and Audio sync so I can go fiddle around with those said settings

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PC Specs? pcsx2 settings?

If using speedhacks turn them off and try again.
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I fiddled around and my brain farts went away. I didn't have wait sync on like i Normally do. Sorry about that.

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