Audio/Video Slow in Radiata Stories
The opening sequence is fine until I begin messing with the plugins settings the problem starts after I choose my settings. In the first cutscene the music/voices are slow and the video is too. Motion becomes blurred in them as well. I did mess with the plugin settings but I may have made it worse so I set it all back to default.
I don't know what to do and this makes the game unplayable because Im sure it can only get worse during the gameplay.
Ive only tried one game so far and thats Radiata Stories.
For my comp in case its relevant
Windows 7 64-bit
2.30 GHz
4.0 GB RAM
Geforce GT 525M
Any help would be awesome

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Somehow reinstalling it worked and its at 100%. Had to activate VU Add Hack(recommended for this game but I saw no difference in v1.0.0) and Skip MPEG Hack(fixes black screen with music playing once new game is selected)
Never mind. I spoke too soon and didnt give it any time. I got distracted and closed it then when I came back the lag and the blurs continued. Any advice?

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