Audio not working with PS5 controller
So I have my PS5 controller set up but for some reason when it’s plugged in to my laptop the audio no longer comes from the speakers of my laptop but instead I hear slight mumbled sounds coming from the PS5 controller. It’s like the controller took over the audio from my laptop. Is there a way to have it so the audio comes from my laptop instead ? Also, does whatever controller you choose to use have to be plugged into the laptop at all times or is there a way to use the controller wireless ? Thanks to anyone who can help this newbie in advance  Smile

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Somewhere in the lower right corner of your start menu there should be a speaker icon - right click on it and click on „Open Sound Settings“. If your controller and TV is connected to your laptop, check the inputs and outputs in these sound settings. In the „Playback“ tab you should see your connected TV, on which you right-click and choose „Set as Default Device“ while your laptop speakers only need to be enabled and neither an „Set as Default Device“ nor a „Set as Default Communication Device“ selected. You can also check the „Recording“ tab to see if your controller is listed there to disable it. Try this and good luck with it! Smile

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