Audio problems
All my games have weird audio and I mean my KH1 Skips SO bad when I start it at first it's like not playable then it is. Is there a way to fix it?

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but if you posted the necessary information, there might be a way.
My specs are

AMD althon x4 2.9 @ 3.2

Ati 5770

DDr2 800mhz

Game play is fine just audio is bad. for example there is so much stuttering. I use verzion 0.9.7

have you tried upgrading to the latest version pf SPU2-X ( sound plugin )

no then download it here
put it in the plugins folder
chose it with plugins/bios selector

and disable EE speed hack

upgrade to 0.9.8 too Tongue
Problem with vr 0.9.8 is that EVERY time I got to configure unlike 0.9.7. I can just play and save. I gottazip it every time to work it. Is there a way to stop that?
what !!!
this is very strange problem ( or i didnt understand correctly Tongue )
anyway did you download the binary full installer have some problems
Could you link me it so I can download it.
here :
Same problem I can't download it only extract it to work is there a way to not let it happen?
oh i understand the problem ( i think )
you need to install full installer here

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