Audio works, No Video after booting up.
Hey PCSX2!

I've finally managed to use WineSkin to get PCSX2 1.2.1 working on El Capitan. I'm able to load an ISO File (Which I own), and boot it up. However, after the initial start up screen is finished, the video remains black, yet, the audio works just fine. I'll leave my emuLog here in hopes of any brave souls attempting to help me out here Smile

In attempts to fix this, I've installed winetricks without any resolve:

-installed vcrun 2015
-installed mxml3
-installed d3dx9_36

The wineskin engine I'm running off of is 1.7.52.

I've spent the past week trying to get this program to run through WineSkin, and I've given up all hope. Any effort is much appreciated towards the community. I know it's possible to get this working, however, I'm asking for some guidance because I am clueless right now.

If you'd like any more info, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading.

*UPDATE: I completely ditched the WineSkin method for the CrossOver method. And oh my, was the installation process easier and faster. For anybody struggling to get PCSX2 1.0.0 installed using WineSkin on El Capitan. I highly recommend utilizing CrossOver instead!

CrossOver Installation Guide:

Good luck to every OS X user out there!*

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