Automatic Revision update
Hi there.

Is there a script/way that allows me to always have the latest revision by downloading it automatically, lets say once a week?

Sorry if it is a silly question and has been asked before.


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There isn't and PCSX2 isn't meant to be used this way either.
Please pick a recent build from the build bot and stick with it for playing games.
I think it is not really reasonable to do so.

Remarkable changes don't happen on a weekly basis. Regressions can happen from time to time. The git releases are still considered to be unstable.

To answer you question there is to my knowledge no batch command that can be used to download files. So you would need to install an advanced script file by your choice (which makes it even less reasonable).
I use Ketarin to grab the newest build every morning or before I start playing a new game.
I use autohotkey and 7zip to install it.
The only downside is it deletes the folder, but I've always used the memcard and bios in the my documents folder
That's beyond the scope of PCSX2 since it's not meant to be updated regularly by users.

Users should either be using the release version or update knowingly from time to time to test new stuff on recent development builds, which are known to be frequently broken or otherwise unstable or with issues.
Maybe another remark... Stable releases are normally faster while having almost the same functionality as git releases. Currently the git version is much advanced in comparison to the stable release. But I guess sooner or later version 1.4 will be released that should be again faster than the git version.

git version is more for testing/troubleshooting.
When will be the next stable version released?!
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We DO NOT KNOW when the next version will be released. Do not waste our time by asking.
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