Automatically (re)load texture replacements
Hello! I've been using PCSX2 texture dumping feature with AutoCrispy for (almost) realtime texture upscaling, and it works wonderfully. There's a problem though: everytime AutoCrispy upscale new textures, I have to (re)load them manually (I've set a hotkey that I press from time to time).

So I'd like to request a new feature: (re)load texture replacements automatically. Either by detecting new textures in the "replacements" folder, or by a set period of time (say, reload every 10 seconds). That would make a true realtime texture upscaling possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Just tried to set a macro for that, but PCSX2's macros only work for PS2 inputs, not PC inputs....
If, somehow, we could make a macro for a keyboard key to be pressed repeatedly every X seconds (just like the current macros work, but for the keyboard keys instead), we could set the enable/disable textures hotkey to be toggled every 10 seconds. That would help.
I just went and made an entire batch for upscaling dumped textures with waifu2x-caffe.exe in realtime, progressively (2x for faster showing, then 4x), and with SendKeys support for sending the toggle and refresh external textures hotkeys automatically to the keyboard. Works real nice, once I clean it up, maybe I'll share it here.

Two problems still remain with this approach:

1. The "Reload Texture Replacements" hotkey does nothing (really, I tried everything, no go).

2. Because of the first problem, the only way to reload new textures ingame is toggling texture replacements off and on again (which my Sendkeys batch handles gracefully) but everytime you do that, the screen blinks.

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